About us

Narla was originally established as a result of an owner's love of his pet Labradoodle 'Narla' and his idea that other pet owners would like to have a piece of everlasting bespoke artwork of their 'best friends'. Having spent his career within the metalwork industry, he set out to develop some art made of steel for display both inside the home and in the garden. Having put together a team of artists who are able to use their skills to turn photos of customers' beloved pets into a format that could then be transferred directly onto metal art panels. Using cutting edge technology, the hand drawn images are then cut & formed into panels, prior to being finished in the colour of choice. This gives our customers a timeless piece of art of their 'best friend'.

Following the success of the personalised pet art, It was soon realised that people have a love not just for their pets but have many other interests and passions that can be turned into art using the same principles developed for the pet art. Be that a love of cars, sport, music, in fact the possibilities are endless. If you have a photo or design that you wish to have turned into metal-art, Narla have the experience and technology to turn your photo or design into an original piece.

In addition to the Personalised art, we also offer a selection of artwork in our 'Signature' range both for internal display and for the garden made of either painted steel in a colour of your choice, or Cor-ten weathered steel which rusts on the outside and gives a contemporary look for your garden. The 'Signature' range is updated on a regular basis which ensures that your chosen piece is from a limited run for exclusivity.

Finally if you have your own vision that you would like to turn into a stunning piece of artwork why not consult with us using our 'Commissioned' Service. Here we will turn your vision into reality.